TOKYO GIRLS AUDITOIN 2016 powered by Ameba (Int)





TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION & avex group & Ameba

The dream audition third round!
 TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION, one of the biggest fashion festivals in history, avex group, the biggest entertainment group and Ameba, one of the biggest internet service companies in Japan are holding the greatest audition projects to discover the next generation of top models and artists called Tokyo Girls Audition International!

「東京ガールズコレクション」× 「エイベックス・グループ」× 「Ameba」
夢のオーディション 第三弾!!
国内最大級のインターネット上サービス「Ameba」が、次世代のトップモデル・トップアーティストを発掘する日本最大級のTokyo Girls Auditionのインターナショナル企画「TOKYO GIRLS AUDITION International」が開催!


Entry Eligibility and Conditions

Model /Artist

※Applicant、application method、application period 

※You can apply to both categories. Applying as a group is not accepted


★To qualify, an applicant must be:


・9 years or older

※Must be an elementary school 4th grader or older as of April 2015.


・Model category:Amateur

・Artist category:Amateur

※Must not be signed to any management company.


・Any nationality and height are welcome












Winner Recognition

1) Exclusive management contract with avex group. 


3) Appearance in magazines

4) Receive support from record labels for record debut.

5) Ameba official blogger authorization

6) Appearance to AmebaFRESH!

7) Appearance to model press news and online video feature. 

※ Possibility of extra prizes



1) エイベックス・グループとの専属マネジメント契約
2) 東京ガールズコレクション出演
3) 雑誌各社への掲載
4) レコードメーカー各社からのデビュー支援(配信デビュー含む)
5) Amebaオフィシャルブロガー認定
6) AmebaFRESH! 出演権
7) モデルプレスへニュース、動画での出演権

How to enter

Register via pc or smart phones.
○ Go to the registration page from a pc or smart phone. Fill out the registration form and upload two photos of you (upper body and full body). You are registered to the audition.
※Photos must be taken within 3 month of your registration date. 

【Important Note】
If you don’t receive a reply mail after you register for the audition, it means your registration was not completed. Please repeat the registration process again. If your pc or smart phone have web domains blocked, make sure to allow 「」,「」and「」.
Also, release any other block settings and check your junk folder as well.


○パソコン、スマートフォン から


Entry Period

2016/04/15 ~  2016/06/10

Secondary Performance & Interview Screening

<First screening>(WEB application)

We will contact those who pass the first screening on June 13th (Mon.) 

※Only applicants who passed the first screening will be contacted.


<Second screening>(Interview)

June 19th, 2016 ~ July 10th, 2016


<Third screening>

Coming soon


<Fourth screening>

Coming soon


<Final screening>

Scheduled to be this fall・・・at Tokyo Girl’s Collection 2016 AUTUMN/WINTER

※Please note that the audition schedule is subject to change. 





coming soon

9月上旬 東京ガールズコレクション2016 A/W


Organizer/Company name

TOKYO GIRLS AUDITION executive committee



Important reminder

※No audition fee 

※We will only contact applicants who passed the first screening(web application)

※We won’t accept any questions regarding the process and/or results of the audition. 

※Please note that any transportation fee to the audition venues and the audition camp (within Greater-Kanto area) will be at your own expense. 

※If you are a minor you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian in order to register for the audition.

※If an applicant has been referred, the referrer must have an agreement from the applicant before entering the audition. 






Instructions for shooting vocal & dance video

4th Stage Audition (Semifinal) Entry Draft
Major Music Labels - seeking for Vocalists/Artists 
Major Fashion Magazine - seeking for Models