avex star search audition 2016



AVEX is seeking for new talents! AVEX, one of the best-known entertainment companies in Japan, is hosting auditions in USA for entertainers who work in Japan, Asia, and around the world.Singers, dancers, models, actors, rappers... any type of entertainers are welcome, specially the younger ages between 8 - 18 years.Qualifiershave chance to make a major debut, exclusive management contract with AVEX group, support from the company to get jobs as a backup dancers, song-writers, and so on.

※Entry key is on bottoun of the this page.



Entry Period

from June 22, 2016 til July 31, 2016 Midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

2016年6月22日(水) ~ 2016年7月31日(日)


Audition Process

First round screening: resume/profile document, video demo

Second round screening: performance - sing, dance, self-PR etc., interview


Detailed information concerning the second round screening will be provided only to the successful candidates of the preliminary judging.

If you are unable to interview in person, we are able to conduct interviews via Skype.

Planned schedules of the second round screenings are...

8/26/16 Fri New York

8/27/16 Sat Los Angeles

8/28/16 Sun Tokyo

All the information after the second round screenings will be provided only to the successful candidates


二次審査:パフォーマンス・面談(歌唱・ダンス・自己PR等) ※予定





How to enter

Accept online entries only. No mail entries.

Photos, Video, PR are required. - Singing video for singers, PR footage for models and actors.





Important reminder

Important reminder

Candidates need to understand Japanese since its entries and auditions will be held in Japanese.

Minors need to submit the consent from parents/guardians.

If your PC/smartphone has blocked some web domains, please remove any block settings and make sure to allow mails from “@av.avex.co.jp”, ”@avex-audition.jp”.  We will contact you via mail.

Qualifiers of the primary screening need to come to the second round screening either in NY, LA, or Tokyo. All the expenses include transportation are your responsibility.

We cannot accept any questions about screening process, result, contract details of any kind.







Organizer/Company name

- Contact to

AVEX Group Holdings, Inc.

Artist Development div.

avex star search audition2016 Office




Weekdays 11:00 to 18:00 (Japan Time)



avex star search audition2016事務局



平日11:00~18:00 土日祝日を除く

Winner Recognition

Winning participants will have a shot at debuting on a major label with our full backup.


Application Requirements

Auditions are open to all nationalities, ages, and genders.

No visa status is required.

Candidates need to understand Japanese since its entries and auditions will be held in Japanese. 

Minors need to submit the consent from parents/guardians.Only amateur performers can apply/Must not be signed to any management company at the current time.







Instructions for shooting video