avex starsearch audition in Hawaii 2018



avex starsearch audition in Hawaii 2018 

avex starsearch audition in Hawaii
Japan’s leading entertainment company, avex is holding talent audition in Hawaii.  Japan’s leading entertainment company, avex, is seeking for new artists and talents.  Entry categories are singers, vocalists, singer-songwriters, dancers, actors, models, bands, sound-producers, DJs, YouTubers and others.  Members from the 1st audition in 2015 have already began taking steps reaching towards their dreams.  We are also seeking to hire employees for this project. (US Residents with proper visa is required – no experience necessary.)

For employment, please send applications and inquiries to this email address.

◆Entry Period
Monday, January 1, 2018 – Saturday, February 10, 2018
※Entry site will be closed at 12AM midnight of the 10th at Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time


日本の大手総合エンタテインメント企業エイベックスが、日本・アジア・世界で活躍するエンタテイナーをハワイで募集。シンガー、ダンサー、モデル、アクター、タレント、バンド、音楽クリエイター(サウンドプロデューサー、トラックメーカー、DJ)、YouTuberなどあらゆるジャンルが対象。3年前に行ったオーディションに合格したアーティストやモデル達は、既にハワイにてレッスンを受けたりライブやモデル活動をスタートしており、本格デビューも間近! レッスン体制など整った状態で新しい才能をお迎えします。また今回、一緒に働くスタッフも同時に募集しています。(要米国滞在資格、未経験者歓迎)


2018年1月1日(月) ~ 2018年2月10日(土)

Winner Recognition

Winners will have a shot at debuting on a major label with our full backup.


Secondary Performance & Interview Screening

Saturday, February 24th in Honolulu
*Audition details will be sent via email only to entrants who have qualified for the initial profile/demo screening, and will be scheduled for interview.

2018年2月24日 (土)

Entry Eligibility and Conditions

Open to all ages, sex, and nationality who are aspired to be part of the world of entertainment. Entrants must be able to speak/understand Japanese or English (Entrants under the age of 20 require the consent of a parent or guardian).

*After passing the initial profile/demo screening, entrants must be able to attend to the performance/interview screening to be held in Honolulu on Saturday, February 24th.  We kindly ask that entrants cover for their own expenses for transportation. 
Please visit our-web site avex-audition.jp and click “avex starsearch audition in Hawaii”

*Entry forms may be submitted in Japanese or English.  Fields marked with “※” must be filled-out.  Press "Submit entry" button for submission.

国籍/年齢/性別不問/ビザステータス不問 (未成年の方は、保護者の承諾が必要となります。) 

Instructions for shooting vocal & dance video


Organizer/Company name

Avex Management, Inc.
Artist development
avex star search audition in Hawaii 

avex star search audition in Hawaii事務局