avex starsearch audition 2014 in New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii & Tokyo(英語)



Japan’s leading entertainment company, avex is seeking for young singers and dancers. 

Successful participants will be exposed to the chance to debut in Japan, Asia and in the U.S. with full back-up of lessons provided in each region.

Entry Categories


※Models, actors and bands are not recruited on this audition.

Entry Eligibility and Conditions

Males and females between the ages of 12 and 22 who aspire to be part of the world of entertainment.

※Age as of 1st August, 2014.

No conditions on nationality or visa status.

Entrants must be able to understand Japanese or English.

(Entrants under the age of 20 require the consent of a parent or guardian.)

Entry Period

The 1st Entry Period: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 – Monday, June 30, 2014

The 2nd Entry Period: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 – Monday, July 31, 2014


Audition Schedule
<Initial Profile & Demo Screening>     

Within 20 days from the end of each entry period, audition details will be sent via email only to entrants who have qualified for the initial profile/demo screening, and will be scheduled for interview. 

No inquiries regarding entry will be accepted. All entries will be handled over our website.


<Secondary Performance & Interview Screening: Schedule>

After passing the initial profile/demo screening, entrants to be requested to attend the performance/interview screening to be conducted in New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu or Tokyo.  We may ask for Skype interview for the entrants who reside in other cities. We kindly ask the entrants to cover for their own expenses for transportation. 

*Screenings will be conducted at dance studios located in a central part of each region/city.

Entry Method

 Via PC

For singer and singer song-writer category, please upload your movie shooting your singing performance.  For dancer category, please upload your dancing movie and self-introduction.

 You can choose either No.1 or No. 2 to upload your movie.

No.1.  Please upload the movie file from the entry page.

※Please do not send movie file itself by mail or file share service.

No.2.   Please upload the movie file on movie share site (ie: YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and copy and paste the link address on the entry page. 


※Please check the sound quality and level of your movie file before submission. 


●Please shoot movie at bright circumstances.   

●If you shoot movie with mobile phone, please shoot it on a vertical position.

●Singing movie have to show your face clearly.  The movie must show your body above chest.

●Dancing movie have to show your whole body. 

●Self-introduction movie have to show your face clearly.  The movie must show your body above chest.

Using tripod or position fixed camera position is recommended shooting the movie. 

◆Via smart phone


・ Go to the entry page and enter your email address to receive the entry form via email.


・ When you receive the entry form,please reply with photo image (of upper body) attached. After receiving your email with the profille picture, we will send you an email to register the profile shot of your full-body.

・ ※When you reply to us, do not erase the original email text.


・Once your pictures are registered, we will send an email of “singing demo register”  This email will say “temporary registration completed,” however, do not access the URL on the page. Just email us back the singing demo as an attached file.  Send us your “voice sample” with the same procedure.

・ ※When you reply to us, do not erase the original email text.



・Once your pictures, singing demo and voice sample are registered, you will receive “temporary registration completed” email.  Access the URL to the entry page and fill out the required information.



・After submitting your registration information, we will send “your registrations completed” email.

This email contains the information you entered to confirm, so please save this email. Now your registration is completed.


<Audition Organizer (Name of Company)>
Avex Group Holdings Inc.